Hi, lovelies. Hope this Friday finds you well. This week’s finds are wonderful! Particularly the one that allows you to eat 4 sticks of butter in the name of a child you love. Happy weekend!

friday grid

1. Well, my goodness. Look at this. If you are perhaps soon to receive a push present, maybe because you are expecting your third labor of love, maybe it’s a baby who will be born in the month of April, whose birth stone happens to be a diamond, or even just to celebrate years of love and devotion to your husband, and you love this stacked band look, maybe you should send it to your adoring husband. John, are you reading this? Hello? Anyone?

2. Milk cartons: you have great things in your future.

3. Think on this for a while.

4. I made these homemade funfetti cupcakes for Georgia’s birthday this week. If you can get past the 2 sticks of butter that the batter calls for, and also the 2 sticks of butter that the icing calls for, I’m just going to tell you that they are the best things you will put into your mouth. Or on your thighs.

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  1. John says:

    Are you kidding me?

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