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Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave is somewhat of a blogging hero to me. I found her when we lived in Denver, and hoped that we would one day meet on the street and fall in love with one another. Sadly, that did not happen. I am honored that she agreed to post today, particularly because she is busy with her own blog, a {very cute} little boy, her columns on Babble, Disney Baby, Julep, and her recent return from helping with Alt Design Summit. Did you get all that?

Melanie thinks of the sweetest ideas, and she actually does them. She makes care packages that are so clever, throws parties that I meant to throw, and has gained quite a following just by being her. I’m glad for her success, and double glad that her guest bed is {apparently} very untidy. Thanks for sharing your time and your wonderful self with us, Melanie.

All images and text below by Melanie Blodgett

1. Whenever I’m in the middle of a project of busy with work, I forget the importance of cleaning up a mess right after you make it. Everything gets dumped on the bed in my guest room until I muster up the energy to conquer the pile.


2. When my son is napping and I’m working, there’s usually a horrible reality show on in the background. I do, however, draw that line at The Real Housewives of Atlanta.


3. As much as I want to dress my son especially dapper every day, if it’s a day spent at home he’s most likely pantless.


4. We didn’t want to buy a bulky changing station so it’s called an old towel on our bedroom floor.


5. I always have chocolate in the house, usually hidden away from my husband so he doesn’t see how much I consume during the day. This variety is what’s currently in my pantry.


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Is there a blogger who you’d love to see included in this column? Do you have something imperfect to share? Let me know!


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  1. Sara says:

    Hi there! New reader to your blog and this post and your Confessions series are wonderful! I know I personally see so many beautiful blogs and think “geez…will I ever get my life together like that?!?!“ I know I tend to compare myself to others (even thought I know I shouldn`t do that, it`s a hard habit to break). Thanks for making me feel a bit better about the dust bunnies roaming around and dishes in the sink! :)

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