You are my Fave is one of my fave blogs. That was super corny, but true. I am delighted to know that the author resides in Denver, and hoping that I will bump into her and we will become best friends in under three minutes. Until then, I continue to read along and to love her ideas.

I am drawn especially to her “party in a box” series, not only because it makes me sing the you-know-what in a box song by Justin Timberlake on SNL, but also because they are really wonderful. We live so far from our family and friends, and today I am dreaming of running towards them in a grassy meadow and sending them each one of these beauties {in that order}. Which would you most like to have delivered to your doorstep?

P.S. See this Fritz post for help with mailing.

luck in a box

love in a box

snack in a box

birthday in a box

paris in a box

all images via you are my fave


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