For most of the day today, I’ve answered to “Donkey”. Georgia is obsessed with Shrek Forever After, and I made this happy mistake of telling her we could put together a Fiona warrior outfit for her to reenact scenes in. We grabbed her favorite short sleeved tee (thank you, Anne!), jeans skirt, a cardboard dagger, the nearest bamboo rod (I mean, axe), snow boots, cowboy belt, and were in business. The results are…well, I’ll let you be the judge:

I love time that she spends pretending. Not only do I get a minute to read the day’s junk mail, but she gets time to explore and use her imagination. Here are some ideas to make dress up time at your house a little easier:

  • A sweet project for a place to store costumes was created by Christi at Childhood 101
  • Design mom posted some great pictures of her kids in their Halloween costumes here
  • Homemade face paint recipes and ideas are here
  • Instructions on how to make crowns and swords for your costume are here

Do you dress up at your house? Please share pictures and easy ideas! Why wait for Halloween? Any day is a good day for dress up, as far as Fiona and Donkey are concerned.

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8 Responses to Dress up ideas

  1. Rotel says:

    Kaden loves that movie also. He would love to be her Shrek. :)

  2. Joanna says:

    Lauren, I LOVE your blog. I have read every post. Okay, spring is here, about – we have to get together soon!!
    love, joanna

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you, Joanna! Glad you are all caught up! We would love to get together soon…maybe next weekend? I’ll call you to figure something out. xoxo

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