We first learned about Hammond’s Candy Factory around the Holidays. They host an annual Candy Cane Festival complete with a tour, steaming hot chocolate, and carriage rides for all. The shindig more resembled Willie Wonka’s factory on crack than the holiday open house we were expecting. The factory and the attendees were so crazed that we grabbed some swisher sweets, a few candy canes, and bolted. When I later tasted the confections, I knew what all the fuss was about.

Carl Hammond started making and selling candy in 1920, and made the company’s permanent home in Denver in 1945. They still make their candy the same way, using the same hand-cranked machines and recipes that they began with.

We recently returned on a less crowded day to tour the factory, snap some pictures, and get our hands on more of the sweet treats that only Hammond’s can make.To watch their candy makers work is like stepping back in time. The color and shine of pulled sugar, the sheen of the taffy, the huge copper pots that are bubbling over, and the sweet paper hats they give out to all tour-goers, made me as happy as a clam in mud. Or really good toffee.




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    When we visit (soon) we are going to this awesomeness.

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